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6 Methods of Commercial Floor Cleaning

Cleaning Methods With Their Pros and Cons

Some property owners choose to have their floors regularly cleaned by a professional floor cleaner. Others prefer to clean their floors themselves. In fact, nowadays, many homeowners choose DIY cleaning as it saves money and time. But, before you can clean your own commercial floor, you first need to consider the method and technique you can use. Below are the various commercial floor cleaning methods along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Regular Floor Washing

Regular floor washing is the most commonly used cleaning method in both residential and commercial properties. This method involves using high-pressure water to wash the floor, which is extremely effective at removing dirt and stains. This is an effective method for removing dirt, dust, and stains, making this popular with most homeowners. However, this method is not very effective at cleaning tough stains.


Vacuuming is a very effective method at removing dust and dirt from floors. It is a cheap cleaning method and can be done by homeowners with a home vacuum. Vacuuming can be done on a weekly basis and can be used for cleaning both indoor and outdoor floors.

Vacuuming and Washing

This is a combination of vacuuming and high-pressure water washing. It is a more effective and efficient cleaning method, especially for tough stains. This method uses a vacuum to remove dust and dirt from floors, and then, it is washed with high-pressure water. Although this is a popular method, it is quite expensive, especially if you have to buy new equipment.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also a very effective method at removing dirt, dust, and tough stains. You only need to provide the property owners with the appropriate equipment and steam cleaning solutions. The high temperature and pressure of steam will effectively remove dirt and tough stains.

Sponging and Mopping

Another way of keeping your commercial space clean is by using sponges and mops to remove dirt and grime on the floors. You can also use water to clean your floors. This is an effective method, especially if you are dealing with tiles and other hard floors. Don’t forget to sanitize your mops and sponges after each use.


You can use baking soda and vinegar to clean floors and sanitize countertops and surfaces. Just make sure that you cover all areas that need cleaning and sanitizing and spread the cleaning solutions on a dry surface to remove moisture.

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